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Gift Shop

During the day, the Main Street-level entry hall, study, and parlor are open to the public and offer a variety of imported handicrafts and local treats.


When the "Open" sign is on the front door, which is roughly 9am-8pm, daily

Also, by appointment


Home Decoration

Embroidery and batiks hand-made by the Miao ethnic minority in Southwest China - known as the Hmong outside of China - including:

* Table runners

* Coasters

* Tissue cozy

* Framed embroidery


Jewelry for every budget, including:

* 18k gold-plated titanium alloy with embedded embroidery made by the Miao/Hmong ethnic minority in SW China

* Miao/Hmong silver filigree jewelry

* Gold-plated filigree from Portugal


Fine China

High-quality in-glaze decorated, gilded porcelain

* Tea cups

* Tea/espresso set

* 10-setting dining set

* Others by request

Local Confections

Need a boost while hitting the shops on Main & Caroline streets? Try some local treats from Stony Point Confections!

Cold drinks also available.

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