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Gifts, Tea & Nibbles

Open by appointment and for reservations

* Full Tea & Princess Tea

(reservation required, below)

* Hot beverages  * Jewelry and home decorations   * Fine china

(text us to stop by for these: 614-271-1772)

Low Teas*

Regular full tea or Princess Tea:

  • Full tea

  • Princess Tea

    • Decaf tea, pink lemonade

    • Cupcake, croissant, fruit, savories

    • Age-appropriate tableware

  • $27 + tax per person, minimum order 2 people/type of setting (full vs. princess)

* Low tea is the fancy kind that many call "high tea"

Please note: Food is ordered for each reservation; any changes in headcount must be made three days before we enjoy your presence at the Holladay House. Thank you for your understanding!


Home Decoration

Embroidery and batiks hand-made by the Miao ethnic minority in Southwest China (known as the Hmong outside of China) including:

* Table runners

* Coasters

* Tissue cozy

* Framed embroidery

Text to let us know you're coming: 614-271-1772


Jewelry for every budget, including:

* 18k gold-plated titanium alloy with embedded embroidery made by the Miao/Hmong ethnic minority in SW China

* Miao/Hmong silver filigree jewelry


Fine China

High-quality in-glaze decorated, gilded porcelain

* Tea cups

* Tea/espresso set

* 10-setting dining set

Text to let us know you're coming: 614-271-1772

Cream Tea & Drinks

Cream Tea (scone + cup of tea) $8

Hot coffee from $1.89

Freshly-brewed tea $3/cup, $7/pot

Text to let us know you're coming: 614-271-1772

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